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7 Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy

💦 1. Rebalances Gut Bacteria

The colon hydrotherapy treatment does not strip the colon of all bacteria, its not a scrub and bleach clean, the bacteria that’s contained within the bowel is removed along with he faecal waste, the same as you way you poop.

💦 2. Reconnects the gut Brain Axis

The communication system between your gut and brain is called the gut brain axis. This is the term for the communication network between the two. These two organs are connected both physically and and biochemically. So it makes sense if you are calming down the gut with warm water and calmative herbs and improving your gut biome, you are going to improve the signals going to your brain.

💦 3. Repair the Gut Wall

Modern stresses, food and excess processed foods and alcohol will have an effect on your entire digestive system. The inflammation and irritation can eventually lead to what we often describe as ‘leaky gut syndrome’. A healthy gut will be selective about what gets passed into our system , but even a small leak can release undigested food particles, bacteria and toxins into our blood stream , potentially creating an immune response. Colonic hydrotherapy will help alleviate the bloating , cramps and gas that can be associated with this, but more importantly, its the re education of foods and supplements to take to heal and repair your GI tract that a naturopathic colon hydrotherapist will teach you about.

💦4. Rehydrates the body.

A colon hydrotherapy treatment also helps with rehydration as the bowels absorbs fluid. During the treatment a dehydrated body will absorb what it needs from the water used. The treatment will help you flush out toxin deposits. With this in mind, many clients find it a beneficial treatment to have before surgery to prepare themselves to be in the best place to heal, then after surgery too as medications and anaesthetics can leave the system sluggish and not working as effectively.

💦5. Restores bowel motility

The importance of a regular bowel movement is often over looked. Maybe that’s because no one wants to talk about their bowels so what’s going on down there is getting ignored. But, if you are not having a regular bowel movement, without and straining, pain and difficulty emptying , it’s time to address this, it’s a concern.

The gentle and warmed filtered water which we as colon hydrotherapists have been trained to a high standard to fill your large intestine with, reminds the bowel of its normal function. The slight increase in pressure triggers your bowel to contract and relax, and expel the wastes you have been hanging onto! The repeating of these gentle fills of water, and the stimulation of the peristaltic action of your bowel become stronger as the treatment proceeds. In time the bowel remembers how to work naturally, along side some routine pointers and reeducation how not to ignore our bodies signals.

💦6. Removes Wastes

Well yes! That is one of the bonuses of a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. Gas as well, which often surprises most of my clients, how much gas can one hold! Well quite a lot it seems, and it can get trapped. Trapped behind waste and behind a spasm if the bowel is prone to being under stress. Thats where the warm water, abdominal massage, and if needed herbal infusions are used to help assist the removal of wastes and gas.

💦7. Remind you to take better care of yourself

Last but not least, colonic hydrotherapy for some is the beginning of their health journey. The line that’s drawn underneath all that has been. New habits can form, a fresh start and where you are taken care of.

Are you ready to find out more? DM me. Looking for a therapist near you ? Check out The ARCH association website http://www.colonic-association.org

It’s time to take care of you, heal and repair yourself to be the best version of yourself. You matter!

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