Cytoplan sell nutrients in the same form as those in food – wholefood and food state which are the most bioeffective available. These nutrients contain vitamins and minerals complete with the associated food factors and other food nutrients with which they occur in wholefood. The total food complex ensures these products are recognisable as food by the human body and optimally utilised. Often it is the associated food components in the complex which are responsible for retention and utilisation of the primary nutrient, and ensure a beneficial metabolic fate. Most supplements on the market contain isolated nutrients, which as the  name suggests are without the other food factors that ensure recognition as beneficial by the body. These most often are seen as “foreign” substances by the body and usually rapidly excreted. This is witnessed particularly in the metabolic difference between food state vitamin C and “isolated” ascorbic acid. The former is absorbed, retained and used optimally whilst the latter is excreted within 2 hours of ingestion.